„However everything goes, this how we rocking

Irrespective of the fact that technological advancements have ensured safety over the online transactions there are still loopholes that have to be fastened. A few essential points and knowledge about the online world will help out in keeping individuals secure. Usually people who access the internet are not well educated and knowledgeable about the practices and basics of the internet security which leads them being trapped in online frauds..

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The Fort Dupont Ice Arena Board of Directors is proud to announce that the Friends of Fort Dupont (FFD) have raised $1,309,610 surpassing the dollar amount required to launch the construction of the new two rink facility at their Anacostia site. The District allocated money to replace and expand the only full size indoor ice rink in the nation’s capital, which serves thousands of DC youngsters a year through free or heavily subsidized on and off ice programs. These previously allocated funds can now be spent..

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