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„It may sound weird, but for me, every faceoff feels so important,“ Pastujov said. „You feel good when they send you out to take a big draw and feel even better when you win it. If you don’t win it, you feel like you let your teammates down. Keith Batkowski ran for nearly 2,000 yards, Brycen Mussina topped 1,800 through the air and two way starter Ben Cerney became a versatile offensive weapon while earning all state defensive line honors.Southern plowed its way through the regular season and scored 91 points in consecutive playoff victories against Troy and Hughesville. The Tigers wanted a rematch with Montoursville and had their home fans watching with delight as they dominated the first quarter and took a 14 0 lead. Southern started driving again early in the second quarter, but safety Jacob Strassner made two straight big plays and forced a long field goal that fell short.A game that few not wearing white, blue and gold expected started moving at warp speed.

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